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10 best seo tips for small businesses

Small Business SEO Tips

Top 10 SEO Tips For Small Businesses Nearly everyone uses the Internet to search for information these days, so having a site that’s optimised can help gain valuable search engine traffic. Large companies can afford to hire an SEO firm to help them optimise their sites, but small businesses often don’t have the extra funds. […]

learn seo in a week at seo-college.com

How to Learn SEO Free in a Week

Contrary to popular belief, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are not too complex to understand and you do not need to spend a fortune on hiring an SEO/SEM expert. On this tutorial, I want to strip away the mystique from SEO and SEM as much as possible, so that you will have enough knowledge […]

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Meet The Team

Hasan Kara Founder I’m Hasan Kara, a Freelance Web Designer, SEO Consultant and a part-time Blogger in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.  Since I was a young kid I have had two interests: business and writing. My mother tong is Turkish, I am also fluent in both written and verbal in English. Now I’m bringing those […]


Advertise your blog or business on Seo College Free!

We would like to help you with your new online business or blog or anything you are trying to promote! Please send us your contact details, a little bit about what your site is about along with your logo file, we will do our best to promote you on our blog pages for FREE! Yes, […]

 Free SEO Lesson 7 – Getting Indexed

Free SEO Lesson 7 – Getting Indexed

Lesson #7: Getting Indexed For being indexed, you must make sure that your website has sufficient unique contents, without broken links and your website are completely ready. In addition, use keywords that are highly related to the content of your website for optimizing your website. Main keywords should be utilized in each page along with […]

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Monitoring and Managing SEO Process – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 7

Today is the final day of our ‘Learn Seo free in a week‘ tutorials. So far, we covered all the SEO and SEM essentials from understanding the functions of search engines up to how to increase traffic to your website by using internet advertising methods. You may now have begun to feel a little empowered […]

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Pay Per Click Traffic: How to Use Google Adwords – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 6

The core purpose of this tutorial is to get you not to rely on what you are doing today, but to have strategy for the future. Today, you will learn how advertising on the internet can benefit you. This is where you pay money for your visitors, using a method called PPC (pay per click). […]