10 Best Tips for Success with SEO and Online Marketing

10 Best Tips for Success with SEO and Online Marketing

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You have a blog or e-commerce site or you are a small business owner considering internet marketing or anything to do with digital media; are feeling you are stuck or there is no way out or no help available? and you do not have enough budget to hire a web designer or seo consultant! But, you know that, you definitely need help and any kind of it! Then, you can RELAX!… Because, you are on the right truck and do not think EVER to give up! I will tell you what, I have been there many many times, and the good news is I still get that trap almost every day! But, I know its a trap, you know it is a trap, why to fall in when you know its a trap. So, only thing we need is a guidance whenever you are feeling low!.. Here it is;

10 Best tips for Success in SEO or Online Business:


1. STOP SEARCHING for the better resource or method!… Just STOP SEARCHING and START DOING IT!

This tip is the hardest one to apply, and also the most dangerous trap in the path of success.  Its also called ‘SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME’ in the human psychology. What usually happens here is, whenever you start any project; promoting your business online, starting a wordpress blog, applying SEO techniques on to your website etc., you’ll begin to be inundated by dozens, even hundreds, of ideas, tips and tools that promise you the best results, ultimate success or the easiest ways to earn £££ thousands in a month with your blog or whatever you you have with. Ignore these and all of them, and keep things simple please! Yes, there is always a better technique, a latest trend of doing things, or new tips and tools available. But, you do not have time for trying everything or reading all those latest ‘shiny’ articles or e-books etc. You must start from somewhere, as you go along there is always time for correction or update or whatever you like to do. Just start building up whatever you intend to be doing! Even, you picked the worst wrong method or tool or misguided by an out-dated Internet GURU or anybody; I assure you with all my heart that YOU WON’T LOOSE! and it’s not a loss or a failure! Even, you did not succeed, you will learn that your Internet GURU was wrong and he/she is a SCAM! However, this is a way better and valuable experience than DOING NOTHING but still SEARCHING for the Shiniest Object! So, the best tip for success is, to find what works for you to create good material and stick to that until you make some progress. If you find out, you are not making any progress let alone being succeed, try something else, immediately! But, don’t be distracted by the latest trend, to the most ultimate way of creating fun posts and content. The latest shiny tool or website may be cool, but don’t become a technique or software collector without even knowing what you got exactly! Spend 90% of your time using what you know will work – and spend the other 10 % testing new ideas.

2. Do a little bit each day

First and foremost, set time each day to do at least one thing with your site. You may find yourself stressed and short of time but don’t let this make you put off creating and promoting your site. As the famous story goes, the tortoise really does win the race regardless it moves the slowest;  so keep it up and don’t compromise on quality. For your site, this could mean putting together just one amazing multimedia experience a month. This is still better than doing nothing at all.

3. Make maximum use of all the social networks

You are probably already using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or any other. So, use them for your potential business as well. Commit to one quick post at the beginning and end of each day.Find a fun, interesting or slightly controversial image (you can find that on Flickr), or make one yourself using any of the free image-editing software out there ( there are some good and easy to use ones available online and free, such as Pixlr). You could also grab related videos from YouTube or use a free screen-capture program or a webcam to create one yourself (for example, CamStudio); just make it fun and informative. Then post it to your Facebook page, tweet it, upload it to your YouTube page and so on. You will definitely get some responds, reply to them, get their comments and go from there.

4. Design your website well but cheaply

Even if you are doing things on the cheap, you can still use a good-looking theme (free from WordPress) f or your website. It’s not hard to tweak the website options available so that your site looks totally new and unique. Even, if it doesn’t look as perfect as you’d like it, remember that it’s only your first experience, and it’s your useful and fun content that is more important. The point is, as long as your website design is good enough not to send your customers away from it, you should be fine (at least at the start!). You can always update or change it later, or pay for a smarter one, once you’ve made your cash.

5. Be Social and Real

Most of all, to make a full use of social networks, first thing you need to make sure is HAVE FUN and BE LIKEABLE! At the same time, always use a Call-To-Action (ask people to like or share your content or make them engage with you somehow). BEING REAL and asking for action will naturally make people want to share your content and your online presence too. To save time in this area, I recommend you to use Hootsuite, a free program that will let you post, tweet and more, all from one website.

6. Use recommended plug-ins

Since you are using WordPress, use as many high-rated plug-ins as you can, to make your life as easy as possible. Do not go overboard and try to automate everything (because, at the end of the day, manual is best). For some excellent free plug-ins, search on Google by typing ‘Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins Free’  or something similar.

7. Make a good Keyword Research

One thing you shouldn’t skimp either time or effort on is your keyword search time. Spare yourself a whole day, or two if you have to. Lock yourself in a room and focus. During this time, create a detailed plan that will be good for months or even years (you might just create one good piece of content a month). To do this more cheaply, time your research using a paid tool during its intro period when it’s free! (most of them will give you at least One Month Trial Period Free of charge which is more than enough to find out whether your keywords working or not). But, you must remember to cancel it before the monthly fee kicks in; because, some of them will ask your card details for signing you up.

8. Specialize as much as possible

Do not try to sell everything in the world in an effort to make money. Making your offer too broad may ultimately lead you to making little or nothing. When doing your keyword research, your best bet is to define your niche clearly, making it as specific as possible and as well as achievable as you can get, while generating enough searches every month to keep it profitable too.

9. Do Link Building but naturally

Build your links naturally being active in your niche. Create profiles on Google Plus for author rank and tie everything to your name. Find good, solid, non-competing but related blogs on Blog Catalog and start adding value and comments using your name and your website. After getting good content on your site, sign up to be a guest writer on Post Runner and other related sites. You can also hire someone cheaply on oDesk to email other related blogs/websites constantly to get you on those as well.

10. Avoid PPC – if you don’t have the budget

If you are short of cash, don’t use PPC (pay per click marketing) or any other paid traffic, Doing this the wrong way can mean that you will be in debt to Google and others, and that can only hurt your efforts in the long run. The sole reason for using PPC at this stage would be to test your landing page or keywords to ensure that they convert. Be sure to turn it off as soon as you hit your limit, though. Use PPC Marketing only after you are making some money from your website.

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