10 Free Awesome Ways To Learn Search Engine Optimization SEO Online

 10 Free Awesome Ways To Learn Search Engine Optimization SEO Online

Search Engine Optimization is one of the subjects, there is not many colleges out there to learn from.   There is no formal certification but there are plenty sources of information online or in books and most of them are either outdated or complete garbage. So how do we learn SEO without spending a fortune and from the correct sources? 1. Start by reading a good introductory guide – SEO COLLEGE’s Simple Step-By-Step FREE SEO Guide would do. However, this is just the very beginning – don’t stop there. This is just an introduction to help you learn the lingo and be able to understand what it’s all about further on. 2. Read worthy industry blogs. Right, this begs the question which ones are worthy. Use the same judgement you would use evaluating any other information online – what do experienced people in the industry consider reliable sources of information? 3. Follow reputable SEOs on Twitter and read what they share. Look at lists of Twitter users by topic some people are putting together – whoever is included in most of the lists is typically the SEOP is most worth following. 4. Follow reputable SEOs on Facebook and read what they share there. 5. Follow reputable SEOs on Google+ and read what they share there. 6. Read what comes from the search engines – update announcements, interviews with engineers, help articles. But don’t just take their word for it. 7. Get a site. Some hobby site you wouldn’t be afraid to lose. Experiment with it. Track your results. Read the server logs. They make the best read once you’ve got the hang of it and provide plenty of insight. 8. Read SEO forums. Not the kind that are built around promoting a product/series of products but neutral ones where advertising is limited. Take what you read with a pinch of salt. A couple of forums to get you started: http://www.webmasterworld.com/, http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums/index.php and http://forums.seochat.com/ (as you get more experienced and better connected in the community you might even end up getting invited to “secret” forums, too – but unfortunately I cannot share those) 9. Participate in Google+ Hangouts, including those run by Google reps.  Ask questions – not just fluffy ones but uncomfortable ones too. You may never get a reply but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 10. LinkedIn groups and questions – many of them are spammed to death but sometimes interesting things can be spotted as well. There are more sources available, that will be on my next post:

“How to Learn SEO in 100 Different Ways FREE”

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