Free SEO Lesson 19 – Google Analytics

The traffic of a website and sources of traffic and sales and conversions are very important for a business. In this regard, Google started a service that provides complete statistical report about traffic, sales and conversions. Hence, it has become a famous and effective website statistic service. Moreover, the basic service of Google Analytics is available free. It has the ability to track visitors from social networks, and search engines, referring sites and direct visits. Moreover, the service is inclusive of digital collateral (links within PDF documents), email marketing, and pay-per-click networks. It also provides you fresh knowledge about the behavior of the visitors such as their attitude, frequency of visits, and reasons of their visits and it also guides you how to attract the visitors for next visit. You have the choice, which data you want to study; moreover, you can customize your reports in few clicks because Google Analytics is structured on a simple, user friendly and robust reporting platform. You can comprehend engagement of your site by measuring standard reports. In addition, it takes no time to build customized reports, segments of your visitors and recognize significant information for sharing among your team. For creating a profound experience for your clients, the content reports guide you to exhibit a lucid picture of the performances of your pages. In Google Analytics with the help of content reports, you can easily recognize the secret heroes and top content of your site. I can work like an octopus! Moreover, Google Analytics can assess social media programs; clearly, the web has become a social place as well. You can understand the interaction of visitors through sharing perspective on your site and can display your content on all social platforms. Google Analytics also helps by providing Software Development Kits for iOS and Android; thus, you can take advantage of mobile’s influence on your business.  

Free SEO Tutorials – SEO Explained in 19 easy lessons:

  Lesson 1: Introduction (What is SEO?)       Lesson 2: How search engines work?  Lesson 3: Keyword Research Lesson 4: Competition Research Lesson 5: Site Preparation Lesson 6: Page Optimization (On page SEO) Lesson 7: Getting Indexed Lesson 8: Link Popularity Analysis Lesson 9: Link Building (Acquiring Links) Lesson 10: Using Social Media (Off page SEO) Lesson 11: Article and Directory Submissions Lesson 12: Web 2.0 and Viral Marketing Lesson 13: Rank Checking Lesson 14: Visitor Analysis Lesson 15: Best Free SEO Tools Lesson 16: Glossary of Terms BONUS LESSONS Lesson 17: Google Adwords Lesson 18: Google Adsense Lesson 19: Google Analytics

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