Free SEO Lesson 5 – Site preparation

Site preparation

Concept of website under contruction with young businessman - stock photoA little effort and preparation is required for generating a website and then for search engines’ indexing. Here, in this less, I will explain how developers should work to obtain their objects. Furthermore, I also have some advices for the client of developers or owners of sites. It is people’s assumption that to climb The Mount Everest is easier than getting a highest rank from Google. It is not the case; it is far easier than climbing The Mount Everest but you will have to do some efforts. Firstly, the site should be designed according to the purpose by the developer apart from the site’s fundamental function. Secondly, the right direction is necessary for the client. You are not using illegal way of improving your ranking, nor does it underhand, or unethical. You just need dedication, preparation and sound practice to achieve your goal. As a developer, you will have to communicate your issues with your client. You must have the knowledge what the client want and how will be the content organized. Try to understand the need of the client. Either the client will provide a list of phrases and keywords or you will have to ask for it. Keep in mind the keywords and phrases should not be developed just for Meta data population, they should also define the core purpose of the client. Ask your client what he/she thinks the potential visitors will type in the field of search. You will have also to visit the competitors’ sites of the client to understand their weaknesses and strong points. Client should be creative. He/she must provide relevant keywords and phrases and the keywords must be unique. Being a client, you must understand the perspective of your web developer. Only two of you can prepare a wonderful and streaming site. Being a web developer, only for SEO reasons, do not make your site accessible. Make your site according to modern standards this will automatically create natural SEO advantages. Do not use un-backed Flash content though it will be a problem for the competitors but very soon, they will start hurting your own site. You can open up new marketing sites for your clients. For instance, do you know how many dyslexics are there? They also buy products you know. Dyslexics have built in word recognition skill. You can also guide your client to utilize skip links. Your client may not like the ideas because of spending more money.  However, you can pursue him/her that skip links are very important for the growth of business. Skip links help the visitors in navigation, specifically, very important for disable people. Always use fully defined terminologies in your content. However, these terms should be eligible. In addition, your headings must be relevant and clear. I hope, by following my suggestions and combining them with your efforts, you would be able to start your journey successfully.  

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