Free SEO Lesson 7 – Getting Indexed

Lesson #7: Getting Indexed

google-zipFor being indexed, you must make sure that your website has sufficient unique contents, without broken links and your website are completely ready. In addition, use keywords that are highly related to the content of your website for optimizing your website. Main keywords should be utilized in each page along with some sentences as well as throughout your web pages. After creating a sitemap for your website (a file with XML extension), the sitemap will have URLs. Keep in mind; free online tools are available to create a sitemap file. In your root directory, upload the sitemap. Now use your free Google account and log in at Google Webmasters Support. Tools. On the top of the Google sitemap page, in the “Add Site” field, type full URL of you website and click. Now on the right of your website name click the “Add Site map” On the list of choose type option list select “General Web Sitemap”. Study all the provided check boxes.  In the provided field, type full sitemap URL and click the button of “Add Web Site map.”  You will have to wait for two to three days. To check this type into the Google’s search box ‘’. If you see the name of your website then your website has been indexed by Google.

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