Free SEO Lesson 1 – What is SEO?

Lesson 1 – Introduction

What is SEO?

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Welcome to Seo College!

On this tutorial you will learn all the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, there are thousands of online resources, books, pod-casts and videos already exist for this purpose. However, our approach is a little bit different from them. As an only FREE SEO COLLEGE Online we will teach you SEO with hands-on approach, we will take one project and explain all the steps on the same project from zero to final results. Before we start our journey on the long but exciting SEO road, we need to explain to you the fundamentals of SEO.
Here is the our 1st Free Seo Lesson;
Why do we bother with SEO? Can we just build a website and let our web designer get the site into the search engines? Or, can’t we simply pay someone £30 to register the site with thousands (?) of search engines? I’m sure you’ve seen advertising  stating, “We guarantee top 10 placement in a gazillion search engines!” or “Buy this software for £50 and you are on the 1st page of Google in 24 Hours!” Is it really that simple to achieve all these offers? Yes! But, only in the dreamland! Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The fact is that Search Engine Optimization is a little complicated than what these adverts offering. Ok, its not a Rocket Science, but not easy as “Give us a couple of hundred quids, and we’ll get you on the 1st page of Google!”

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a process that you apply to a website to increase its rank and traffic from organic search engine searches. The process targets the fre search, where users use any of the existing search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to search for a product, service, or information. It is different from a paid search (Pay Per Click) , where the webmasters pays to appear at the the top of the search pages. When your web site isn’t found by the search engines, business is lost which also means money is lost as well. Professional web optimization services can help you speed up your site’s relevance and, in return, elevate it higher in the rankings putting your business closer to more potential customers. With its ability to generate more targeted traffic to your website at a relatively cheap cost, SEO is an necessary component of your online marketing technique.

Why is SEO So important?

So why is SEO so important? Millions of people daily search for information on the search engines. For any given search term, there are anywhere from a few hundred to a few million search results that reference that given search term. Generally speaking, the search results are designed to be ranked in the order of their relevance to the searcher’s search term, or keyword (or keyword phrase). Most people, when searching for a keyword or keyword phrase, will click on one of top 10 search results on the first page of the search results, or will initiate another search. Therefore in order to gain a reasonable amount of search engine traffic, a website should appear in the top 10 search results for a given keyword. Given the fact that there are for some keywords millions, literally millions of websites having some relevance to the keyword, it can often be a difficult feat, if not almost impossible, to get your webpage in the first 10 search results for a given keyword. However, by learning the techniques by which the search engines decide which webpages should show in the top 10 search results of a given keyword or keyword phrase, and by optimizing your website, in such a way that your website outperforms other websites or webpages in the search engines algorithms, you can literally send your website or webpage to the top 10 search results in the search engines, surpassing many other webpages and websites, if you know what to do. Many of the guidance, tutorials and information on SEO, in my opinion, are overloaded with far too much detail, and multiple things to do to obtain good search engine rankings without indicating which few of those things to do are actually relevant and necessary to get the top 10 search engine rankings. My personal opinion is that the reason for this is that most of the producers of SEO information are geared towards selling SEO products, software, and advanced tools. By making SEO out to be something very difficult for the average webmaster to perform, it makes their products, software and advanced tools more salable. However, I believe that SEO techniques are quite easy to apply by any webmaster or a small business owner with relatively little effort, if the fundamental principles of it  are understood.

Free SEO Tutorials – SEO Explained in 19 easy lessons:

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