Learn SEO Free in a week

Learning Search Engine Optimization is even not very simple, but its possible to get an overall idea and understanding in one week! There are number of ways of teaching SEO online or offline exist.  Our approach is based on case studies and experiences that a sort of project method. As far as Search Engine Marketing concerns, SEO or any related subject is not too complex to understand or you don’t even need to spend a fortune to SEO Trainings or hire an SEO/SEM  expert. Our main goal is to strip away as much as of the mystique from SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as possible, so that you have enough knowledge of all the basics and the terminology to be able to understand the ‘Seo geeks’ and even have a conversation with them. We’ll uncover the meaning of the jargon and acronyms you need to know too, such as ranking, backlinking, social signals, pay-per-click advertising (ppc) etc. If we shorten SEO process and show you only the basics that SEO can be taught in  7 days:   1. DAY:  An Introduction to Search Engines and SEO 2.DAY:  Keyword Research 3. DAY: On-Page Optimization (On-page SEO) 4. DAY: Off-Page Optimization (Off-page SEO) 5. DAY:  Social Media Optimization (SMO): Getting Other Traffic Sources To Your Website 6. DAY: Pay Per Click Traffic: How to Use Google Adwords 7. DAY: Monitoring and Managing SEO Process    

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