Off-Page Optimization (Off-page SEO) – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 4

off page seoYou know how to build and structure your website to get maximum SEO benefit from it by now, so all you need now visitors. Today, in the second development day of your SEO training, you will learn how to increase the chances of ranking even further, by creating high-quality links (they must point back to your website though). You’ve already considered the kinds of things you do when you find a website like yours, and now you’ll find out how to apply those factors to your own site. It really all comes down to how much people like you and how much they show that love to you, and today we’re going to be talking in detail about:
  • backlinks and external PageRank, and how to examine and improve your backlink profile
  • a major change, called AuthorRank, that will probably alter SEO as we know it and how you can start positioning yourself to take advantage of it now.

Why are backlinks important?

As mentioned on the Day 1 Free SEO Lesson, backlinks are links from a page on someone else’s website to a page on your site. They are normally shown as blue, underlined text, although they may be another color or not underlined. But most webmasters now stick to the ‘de facto’ standard of blue and underlined. Images can also be made into hyperlinks that can take you somewhere else when clicked. Backlinks are important when it comes to SEO because they are at the core of how search engines (Google and others!) decide to rank individual web pages for keyword-related searches. It measures this using a system called PageRank according to Google.

What is PageRank?

As also mentioned on the first lesson, PageRank is Google’s method of determining how trustworthy and authoritative the content is on a page. The more trustworthy Google considers a page to be, the higher it sets its PageRank (PR).    

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