On-Page Optimization (On-page SEO) – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 3

on-page seo vs off-page seoMany people don’t take the time to do keyword research or even any kind of research. They just put up a website and hope a constant stream of traffic to magically appear. This will never happen, so please don’t expect it. Instead, think about on-page optimization, which covers what you can do on the pages of the website itself. This is our 3. day on the ‘Learn Seo in a week tutorials’ and we already know how to generate an initial keyword list and how to squeeze it down to the keywords that will give us a chance of ranking in the Top 10. We even know the software options that can automate this work. Today we’ll cover the development part of R&D. This will give us a solid start that many of your competitors won’t have and the ability to rank much faster. You will learn about:
  • all the tweaks you can do to the pages on your site to increase your chances of ranking higher
  • your on-page criteria; what that means is, after you get Google’s attention and they check you out, then Google knows what you are about.

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