Pay Per Click Traffic: How to Use Google Adwords – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 6

pay-per-click ppc marketingThe core purpose of this tutorial is to get you not to rely on what you are doing today, but to have strategy for the future. Today, you will learn how advertising on the internet can benefit you. This is where you pay money for your visitors, using a method called PPC (pay per click). Of course, you want traffic that, as far as possible, is free and comes to you naturally, but there are several reasons why PPC  should figure in your overall strategy – at least in the beginning. It’s therefore worth discussing here the reasons for doing PPC marketing, so that you don’t waste a single penny or minute of your time with the unnecessarily. Today we’ll discuss:
  • what PPC marketing is and how it works
  • the major players in this arena
  • the pros and cons of marketing this way
  • the potential costs
  • the six situations when you should use this marketing method
  • how to set up your successful campaign.

What is PPC (pay per click) Marketing?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a method of advertising method on the internet that is used to direct traffic to websites. PPC ads usually appear in a coloured box on the search results pages, but separate from organic search results.

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