How to make a PPC Campaign?

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A good PPC campaign can mean the difference between a profitable pay per  click venture and a losing one. If you do not know what you are doing, you are  destined to lose money when you should be making money. So here are some very  simple rules to follow that will teach you how to start a PPC campaign. 3d Man And Ppc Cubes Stock Photos - Image: 28523733 1) KEYWORDS-You need to make sure that your keywords appear not only in your  title, but also in your adcopy. So if you want your ad to appear when people  type in the search term “start a good PPC campaign”, your headline should say  something like “How to start a good PPC campaign” And your adcopy would say  “Start a good PPC campaign. Don’t waste your money, learn how to run a good PPC  campaign now!” The words, good, PPC and campaign appear in the headline and  adcopy. 2) Relevancy-This is as important as keywords are and will help you to lower  your cost per click. If you are promoting ppc, you want to make sure that your  website that you direct visitors to is all about ppc. DON’T also have stuff  about guitars or unrelated things. The search engines will see this and think  that you are not being relevant and will charge you more per click. 3) Split Test- To start a good PPC campaign you need to split test. This is  something that doesn’t require much extra effort and can save you tons of money  and increase your conversions. Run two ads and only change the headline but keep  the adcopy the same. Whichever ad converts better keep that one. Then with your  optimized headline, try two different versions of the ad copy. Again use the one  that performs better. You can keep doing this and tweaking to improve your click  through rate. You can also apply this to your landing pages by trying different  colors, landing page headlines etc. 4) Set a Daily Budget- Again this is a super simple step but one that even  experience marketers can accidentally forget, and this can be a costly mistake.  Make sure to set a daily budget so that when your clicks reach that limit your  ads no longer get shown. You don’t want to end up owing hundreds of dollars in  adspend by accident. 5) Longtail Keywords- When you are doing your keyword research for what  search phrases will trigger your ads to appear, make sure to use lots of  longtail keywords. Often times they will have lower search volume however they  are also often very targeted phrases so even though they have fewer searches,  the people searching them are more likely to click your ad. Also longtail  keywords have a lower cost per click because of the fact that they get fewer  searches. This is another aspect of a good PPC marketing campaign that often  gets overlooked. If you follow these rules you will find that you have the foundations to  start a good PPC marketing campaign. Remember to make your headlines enticing,  even outrageous. Be creative when writing your ads, because people don’t want to  be fed the same boring stuff all the time. If you can catch their attention and  be relevant and offer them something of value then you will convert them into  customers.
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