Social Media Optimization (SMO): Getting Other Traffic Sources To Your Website – Learn Seo Free in a week: Day 5

social media seo smo signOnce you have got your website up and running, started getting traffic from search engines, you’ll realize that it comes as just a trickle to begin with. However, there are more ways to get traffic to your site beyond mighty Google. These other tried and tested methods involve using three major sites that you have already heard about; they each deserve a separate tutorial to themselves. These sites are none other than YouTube, Amazon and Facebook as you might have guessed. They are all behemoths, up there with Google. YouTube is the third most visited site in the world and, to all intents and purposes, the second biggest search engine (over Bing). Amazon is the largest online retailer and Facebook is the largest and most visited non-search engine site in the world. Fortunately for us, they cost nothing or only very little for you to leverage them. Today we’ll learn some basic Do’s and Don’ts and ways of getting traffic from other sources (Social media sites) apart Google and other search engines. We’ll call this as ‘Social Media Optimization (SMO)’.


youtube homepage for smo YouTube is the second biggest ‘search engine’ after Google, is also owned by Google. This means that videos put on YouTube instantly get more Google ‘love’ than any other video service and often end up in the top 10 of Google quickly, with little effort. Putting your link in the video’s description will certainly not hurt your SEO efforts either. Almost any business in the world could benefit from several YouTube videos, so it is worth paying attention and working out how your business could take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have an online store, you could use YouTube to show:

  • videos that feature your products
  • how-to videos on your product
  • video reviews of products you sell
  • your major marketing campaigns
  • fun videos featuring your product indirectly

If you have an informational niche site, you could post:

  • informational videos
  • how to videos surrounding your niche
  • interviews with experts in your niche
  • testimonials from readers/users

If you run professional services, you could post:

  •  interactive videos about your services
  • client testimonials
  • interviews that you have given to other related businesses

If you offer local services, you could post:

  • videos of your staff, so that customers can ‘meet’ the person who will come and check their boiler or fit their kitchen or show them how to give massage to their baby
  • solutions to simple problems to demonstrate your expertise
  • videos of local events, featuring your business as an ad at the front
These are just a few examples of what’s possible; the list is endless. You could even simply make a visual or an audio file, or post still pictures of participants and have an interview playing in the background.

Making the most of YouTube

Some videos get a lot views, but that doesn’t mean they get a lot of people clicking on their site to find out more. To make it more likely that one of your videos a success, use as many as resources you can reach and also follow  these top tips:

#1. Make lots of videos:

You will have never enough videos and you never know what will go viral and what won’t. Certain videos will be picked up and someone with a lots of followers might tweet it, and on and on it can go.

#2. Aim for quality as well as the quantity:

Make sure that you put in the effort to make a good-quality videos. Use good music, fade-ins and – outs, a lead-in screen with your website address and credits with your website as well. There is no need to get the best equipment in the world, but at least use something better than your webcam. The prices of high-definition camcorders (1080p HD) have dropped a lot during the last a few years to the point where they are affordable. And, thanks to royalty-free music and availability of graphics packages and marketplaces, you can get amazing results while spending a fraction of what you could have spend. Here is some useful resources for your materials: Alternatively, just search on Google using some of the italicized terms above.

#3. Do not shy away from controversy:

Do you have a product that works better than your competitor’s? Can you demonstrate better/faster/cheaper results from your service compared with other companies? If so, create a video of the showdown, but do it with class. You can then target your competitor’s keywords as well. Even if your product or service isn’t itself controversial, you might still be able to link it with a controversial topic, where you argue the case for one side of the argument. If you can find someone from opposing side willing to discuss the issue with you, you could record yourself in front of the camera or in a Skype conversation and then upload the resulting video. Don’t discuss religion or politics , unless you are running a political or religious site. It may be something that is affecting your business, but mentioning it will immediately turn off half of your customers.

#4. Remember that the best videos are fun videos

This point beats all the rest hands down. If you really want something viral, it needs to have a bit fun in it. This doesn’t mean that all your videos need to be fun (a mix of commercial, fun and informational could do the the trick).  But at least some of them have to be fun. If you can’t think funny (or at least not funny for everyone), hire a writer from Elance of oDesk. Another way of making your videos fun using animations in them. Check these sites out for some ideas;
  • Wideo: Make animated online videos free
  • Goanimate: Make animated business videos free
  • Powtoon: Create animated videos and presentations free
  • Kizoa: Free slideshow and video maker, you can use your own photos and videos
There are more free stuff available for this. Just type ‘how to make animated videos free’ in Google.

 #5. Put your keywords everywhere

The absolute beauty of making videos and having them on your site will help so much to your SEO work, in general and the page you are linking to immensely. Do not forget the strategy of deep linking. If you want to promote a dog collar you sell on your website, then you should make a dog collar video with dog-collars-related-keyword tags, title and words in the description; don’t add a link in the description to your home page; link it directly to the page on your website where the dog collars are displayed or that is talking about dog collars. Follow the advice given on the 2.Day of Learn SEO Free in a week tutorial regarding to keyword stuffing. Just make it look natural.

#6. Drive links to your video

As well as linking directly back to pages on your website, it can also benefit you to create a linking campaign for each of your keyword-targeted YouTube videos. There are 2 main reasons for this:
  • Since YouTube is technically the second largest search engine, it’s possible to get traffic just by ranking for your keyword on YouTube.
  • We know that Google loves videos, and high-ranking YouTube video is more likely (although not guaranteed) to rank high in the related main Google search index.


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