What is Social Media SEO or SMO?

Are You Optimizing Your Website / Blog for Social Media SEO?

SMO Social Media Optimization
In July 2013, SearchMetrics.com did their Annual Analysis of what what makes Google Tick. They came up with this great chart that shows you what Google is using to Rank Content and how much weight they are giving to it.  Backlinks are still high on the list, but Social Sharing dominates the Top 10 Ranking Factors. Search Ranking Factors 2013

So How Can We Give Google What They Want?

With Social Media SEO, How You share content from Your WordPress blog is as important as what is shared from Your site.  This means Optimizing and customizing exactly what each Social Network actually shares from Your site.  You can let Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest decide for You or You can Optimize and target Your shared content for each network and search engine.
The crossover between SEO and Social Media Marketing is called ‘Social Media SEO (SMO)’, and the purpose of it is to use social media to improve your business’s  search engine rankings. So, why bother with social SEO? Because positive social activity around your website makes it easier/faster to rank your site in search engines, directly through the authority that search engines give you Facebook Likes, Tweets and Google +1s, and indirectly through exposing your content to a wider audiences, some of whom will link to it from their own sites. Social Media SEO isn’t a single branch of SEO and it won’t be replacing traditional SEO, but social signals are becoming increasingly integrated into search engine’s algorithms. Social signals aren’t still  as important as back links, but that won’t stay for a long time. If you want to improve your company’s website rankings by engaging in Social Media SEO, then you should take the following steps: 1. Create content that your clients/friends want to share with others 2. Make it easy for people to share your content 3. Setup a company page/account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 4. Communicate with your clients through your social media accounts 5. Share content (both your own and others) through your social media accounts If you do those things well, then the result should be you will get more Facebook likes and shares of your websites, more people will be following your Twitter, your website will receive Google +1s, positive reviews left on your Google+ page and so on… If your business operates in an industry where your competitors are doing both Traditional SEO and Social Media SEO, then you have no choice; if you want to achieve good rankings for good keywords, but to follow the above advice. Backlinks plus social signals will outrank backlinks alone, so you’ll get left behind if you’re only building backlinks. If your competitors aren’t involved socially online then that means you just got some luck here! Because, its the best opportunity for you gain an advantage over them! Happy SMOs!  

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